Asking for a Promotion

At some point in your life, you are bound to feel like it's time for you to move up in your job and get a promotion. A lot of people actually feel like they deserve something like this, but so few people actually take the initiative and ask for it. By not doing this, you could really be selling yourself short, and this is not something that you should do. If you have worked hard and want to create a retirement plan, then you deserve to get a promotion.

One reason why a lot of people don't take the chance of asking for a promotion is because they are afraid that they will just be denied. Some think that if they are denied, that means that they will never have a chance to ask for one again in the future. You shouldn't let your fear get the best of you in situations like these. If you never take the time to ask, you might let something great pass you by. A lot of bosses don't have the time to really sit down and think about promotions all throughout the year, so it may be in your best interest to bring it up.

Preparing for the Meeting

If you are going to ask for a promotion, then you need to set up a meeting with your boss to talk about this. Once you have set up this meeting, then it's going to be in your best interest to sit down and make some preparations for it. You can't just say that you want a promotion and expect it to be handed to you. If you're not willing to spend the time preparing and making sure that you have a good case for a promotion, then you probably won't get one.

One thing that you need to do is sit down and think about why you think that you deserve a promotion. Just because you have been working for a company for a long time is not enough to ensure that you will be promoted. You really need to have been doing a good job at whatever it is that you do. Also, you need to have skills that will actually qualify you for a promotion. If you don't have them, then there's not much point in asking for this. Just sit down and write out a list of all of the things that qualify you for a promotion.

If you are going to be making the case to your boss that you deserve a promotion, then it's a good idea for you to actually get some thing that will help back you up. If you have completed a degree in the last few years or you have taken classes that will help with the job, then make sure you bring these qualifications. If you have been really successful in your job, then you need to make sure that you have documents that prove this as well.

Selling Your Merits

When you're asking for a promotion, it's really important for you to try to sell yourself well. You might have all of the qualifications for a promotion, but you really need to make your boss believe that you want it. If you can't do that, then you probably won't be able to get the job. What's really important is that you believe in yourself and in your abilities. If you truly do, then that will shine through when you are meeting with your boss to ask about the promotion, and it will increase your chances significantly.