Asking for Bank Account Money Back After a Levy

A bank account levy is something that no one wants to go through. When this happens its can be embarrassing for you, and it can make it really difficult for you to do normal everyday things that people do. You may not be able to pay your bills or take your family out to dinner. This can be devastating, so your first thought should be how to make it stop. Once you have succeeded in lifting the levy off of your account, then you may want to stop and consider your options.

One thing that you may be curious about after the bank levy is over is getting back some of the money that was taken out of your account. It could really help your financial situation if you were able to do this, but it's not necessarily something that you should count on. Most of the time bank levies are carried out exactly as they should be, and the money that goes out of your account will stay out of your account. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, so you should look into them to find out if you can get some money back.

Who to Consult

If you are going to ask for some of your money back after your account has been levied, then you're going to need to know who to speak to about this. A lot of people may be inclined to go to their banks and ask about this, but this is not really the wisest thing to do. Your bank is not going to be responsible for giving any of these funds to you, as your bank was not the recipient at the other end of the levy.

Instead of trying to speak to your bank, it's a good idea to try and speak to your creditor directly about getting some of your money back. If you believe that your creditor took too much from your account or that you did not owe as much as was claimed, then it's going to be in your best interest to speak to the creditor as soon as you possibly can. You may have the ability to get some of the money back if there was an error, but if you owed the money then you may not be able to.

If the IRS put a bank levy on your account to get back taxes that you owed, you may be able to get some of this back if you can prove that you have a financial hardship. Usually, though, this is a very difficult thing to do, and once the money has been taken from you it will be lost to you. If you do want to get some kind of reprieve from the IRS, it's best for you to try and get this before a bank levy is actually started. This is the best chance you have of working something out.

Getting Some Legal Advice

If you are thinking about asking for bank account money back after a levy, then you may want to get some legal help. If you do have a case against your creditor or the IRS, then it's probably going to involve a long and drawn out legal battle. In this event, you're going to want to work with some legal professionals who can offer you some great advice about what to do. Find a good lawyer today and see if you can recoup some of your funds that you lost.