Asking for Raise

The work environment is one of constant change and growth. As you work for one specific company over time, you should become more adept at using the different tools you are given, and you will become a more efficient employee. As your skill set grows and improves, you will most likely progress within the company and part of this progression will include asking for a larger salary or compensation. It is normal and acceptable to ask for a raise after you have worked for a company for a certain amount of time since you may have growing financial responsibilities such as paying back student loans, and the hints that we provide in this article should help you ask and receive the raise that you are looking for.

Researching Salaries and Company Policies

Before asking for a raise, you are going to want to do a bit of research. First, you will want to see what kind of salary is being paid to similar workers in your area. If you find that your salary is not as competitive, you most likely are going to deserve the raise that you want and should have an easier time negotiating it. However, if your pay is on the competitive end, you may find that it is going to be a bit more difficult to get the raise that you want, and you may want to reconsider asking for it.

Second, you will want to research the way that your company offers raises to employees. It may be that they only will increase salary at specific times of the year after employee reviews, and in these cases you may have difficulty getting your raise any other time. It is also possible that all employee raises are conducted in the same manner and the same increase is given to each applicable employee. In these cases, you may have difficulty getting more than what is already the standard. Make sure to research your employee handbook or other company materials before asking for your raise.

Asking for Your Raise

If you have done your research and still feel as though you deserve a raise and the timing to ask seems to be appropriate, there are a few things to remember when asking for a raise. It is important that during the meeting when you ask for your raise that you establish the fact that the company cannot function as well without your help. Show employers goals that you have accomplished, problems that you have fixed, and any other major changes or improvements that you have made to the company. Make a list of your achievements, and offer this list to your boss during the meeting.

During the meeting with your boss you should also be prepared to discuss the amount of increase that you would like to see. During your preparatory research it is important that you come up with a figure that you think represents and appropriate raise. It may be that you are going to need to do some negotiation with the employer, and you will want to read up on some negotiation tactics in order to successfully get the raise that you are looking for.

Remember that asking for raise is not a process that needs to be difficult or awkward. If you truly deserve the raise, you should be confident and firm when approaching your boss. When you ask to meet with your boss to discuss a raise, make sure that you tell them that you are going to want to talk about your pay. This kind of warning will give your boss time to prepare and think, and will help you avoid surprising them.