Creating a Powerful Resume

Looking for a new job can be both exciting and stressful. While the ability to choose where you want to work and what kind of environment you want to work in can be invigorating, many applicants become discouraged when they do not get the jobs that they want when they already have other things to think about, like paying off student loans. However, there are some very effective ways that an applicant can increase their chances of finding the kind of employment that they have always wanted, and a big part of that process is creating an effective resume. The following are some steps that you will want to follow when putting together your resume.

Online applications have changed the way that resumes are used, and have put more emphasis on effective resume creation. Because you will not always have the ability to meet with employers personally and show them your personal characteristics, these features will have to come through in your resume. Therefore, it is very important that you construct your resume carefully and make it as professional as possible. By following the tips that we provide in this article, you will be able to start composing a resume that will leave you in a more competitive position as an applicant.

Format is the first thing that you will want to consider. A good resume should typically only be one page in total length, unless the employer has stipulated that they want more information. In order to make the one page limit, you may have to choose a smaller font or trim some of the fat from your information. Programs like Microsoft word are going to have resume templates that you can use in order to have an attractive and concise resume, and you will want to choose your format and template carefully before proceeding.

Information to Include

There are several types of information that should be present in your resume. First, you are going to want to include your name, address, email and phone number. Do your best to arrange this information at the top of your resume in an attractive manner. Next, you will want to include some information about your education. Put school names in bold, then write the city and state as well as grades, honors and activities that you completed while at that institution. When listing your places of education, you will want to list them in reverse chronological order, so the last school you attended should be listed first.

Next, you will want to put your work history. When writing work experience on your resume, you will want to choose the jobs that you think are applicable to the application. If you are applying for a job as a lawyer, you probably do not need to include that you sold hot dogs in high school. List work experience in reverse chronological order once again, and include the name of the employer, the state they are located in, the position held in italics, and the time period you worked for them. Then, beneath each work experience listing you may want to write one or two sentences about your job duties.

Finishing Touches

Finally, applicants that are creating a powerful resume will also want to put a bit of personal information. If you are fluent in other languages or posses skills that are pertinent to the position, you may want to include them. Also, applicants may want to put one or two interesting tidbits about themselves that will attract the eye of an employer. When all of these resume components are in place, you will stand a much better chance of getting the position you want.