Creating a Work Life Balance

Creating a work life balance, whether your a building contractor or an office worker is important to maintain not only the rest of your family obligations but also your sanity. As you set things up, you need to consider how much time certain things will take to accomplish and also how much time you will need to rest. Don't short yourself by not scheduling in some downtime in order to refresh and make sure you're ready to take on new challenges. While it sounds like a great thing to fully dedicate yourself to work and family, you also need to take care of yourself. That means spending some no-pressure time just relaxing with everyone to balance out the stress and chaos of your productive time. Sometimes, writing down everything you're responsible for will help you have a clear vision of what you do. It might seem like less or more when you keep track of it mentally, but having it there in black and white will help everyone involved.

Potential Telecommuting Situations

It's also a great technique to talk to your boss about possibly telecommuting at times. This can help you figure out how you can be productive while also being there at your residence to take care of minimal projects. Working this way might allow you to spend some time with your family if you don't have to be in constant contact with your office. Depending on how demanding your everyday schedule is, you may be able to work something out with your employer that meets everyone's needs. Perhaps you can even save money on daycare some days of the week by setting this up. This won't work for every office environment, but it may be something that can be an exception to the rule. Find out if other employees are doing this and ask them what the pros and cons are. Educating yourself about this will help you have a more intelligent conversation with your boss about this.

When it comes to family obligations and extracurricular activities, don't weigh your family down. While kids seem to have boundless energy and they do enjoy participating in other activities, you don't want to fill every moment of their day. Everyone needs to have some time when they can choose whether they want to sit down and leisurely read a book or go out for a bike ride. It's important that you and them have parts of their day when no one needs them, requires them to do something or be somewhere. With everything that is demanding our attention these days and electronics that go into almost every room of the house, there is a lot going on with over stimulation for our brains. In order to combat this, you need to have an effective plan set up to relieve some of that pressure.

Personalizing Schedule Obligations

Find out what works best for your family and make sure things stay in line. Everyone has different energy levels, different things they enjoy doing and different levels of productivity that are required of them. You can talk to your children and your employer to see who needs what and how much they need to get done in a day. Without these conversations, you'll just be going on what you think may be best and that might not work on a long-term basis. Evaluate how much time each task should take and then add in some extra time in case problems come up. At least then, you'll know that contingencies have been planned on and creating a work life balance will help you solve issues as they come up.