How to Plan Work Parties

Learning how to plan work parties which can boost employee and company morale is an art because there are so many different needs and personalities that you need to consider. If you can do this successfully, then you are going to become a valued part of the executive team. Clearly, there is going to be a budget for each of these events and that will help you begin to make some major choices, such as a venue and time. Each place and part of the day that various parties are held helps to determine their cost because of the demand at that moment. Find out how many people are possibly going to attend and then you can narrow down your venue choices with that data.

Choosing a Food Menu

Another main topic will be food that is going to be served. This could be a fancy sit-down dinner or just something that is going to be a buffet with a lot of finger food items. Usually, this is a discussion that you'll have with your boss or manager who is asking you to handle this. When they tell you what kind of party it is, then you can talk about price ranges for food and what can potentially be chosen from within those limitations.

It's important that you choose someone who is going to be reliable and who will stick to whatever price quote they give you originally. Otherwise, you may find that the bill is going up unexpectedly because of some last-minute changes. This will probably not be the best of news for your supervisor who has only approved so much to be spent on the entire event. Find out what the high and low range is for cost before you begin.

The time of day and location is very important. If this is going to be difficult for some of the team members to go to because of a long drive and family members like children, then that is not going to communicate your appreciation very much. If it's during a time when many key members of the team are on shift, that is going to have the same results.

Talk about a day and time when the families are going to have the easiest time attending without other obligations. Also, make sure it's family friendly, so if they don't have daycare, they can feel free to bring their children along. If you're someone who does not have a family yet, then you may want to gather the help of those who do in order to get some helpful direction.

Handling the Entire Job

When you've been entrusted to do this job, there will be a lot of eyes on you. Everyone will look at the final result and judge whether or not it could have been done better. Just because everyone has an opinion doesn't mean you should completely stress out over this. There are plenty of helpful party resources that give you checklists to use so nothing gets missed. Use these along with a planner book for any appointments with vendors and keep track of everything that is being spent.

Then, you can give an accounting of how to plan work parties to anyone else in the company who is asking. Also, your manager or supervisor can ask you for an update at any time and you'll be organized enough to tell them. Who knows? Depending on how well you do this job, you may be given a chance to have more responsibility later on, along with a financial raise to boot.