Paying Off the Highest Interest Rate

Debt is a problem that affects millions of Americans and it seems as though it is becoming more severe each year that goes by. If you have ever had to deal with the pressure of debt, you understand the kind of stress and complication that it can bring to your life. But people that take the time to learn about their debt, show their children money saving methods, and the options that they have for paying debt off should be able to more effectively free themselves from their debt obligations. In this article, we will talk about one effective way to pay off your debt in a quicker amount of time.

Types Of Debt and Rates

There are many different ways that you can get into debt and various types of loans that may lead to debt concerns. However, something that is often universal with debt is going to be interest rates. Whether you are in debt from a mortgage, auto loan or credit card, you likely have interest rates that you have to pay on your debt. By thinking carefully about these interest rates and doing some very simple math, you should be able to more effectively pay off your balance in much less time.

Highest Rate First

When it comes to paying off your debt, it is wise to start with the debt that has the highest interest rate. Take credit cards for example. A credit card with a balance that has a higher interest rate is going to cost more to pay off, and the longer that you take to pay that balance, the more the interest is going to build up. When you pay the highest interest rates first, you will not only pay off your debt faster, but you will save some money as well.

Other Options

For many people, the idea of paying off a higher interest rate first is going to seem a bit counterintuitive. Many of these individuals would rather pay off their smaller debt first in order to gain momentum and motivation to pay off the larger debts. However, when you pay smaller debts first that may have lower interest rates, you will be accruing large amounts of interest during the periods that you are taking care of those smaller debts. This typically means that these people will have to pay more towards their debt and will need a longer time period to pay them off.

If you are having a difficult time deciding which of your debts to pay off first, you may want to take the time to speak with a professional that can give you their expert advice. Credit counselors and other financial professionals can help you analyze your debt and interest rates and will be able to help you decide if paying off your highest interest rate first is going to be the best approach. Some may even choose to hire a financial advisor to help them with this important decision. When you get the assistance of a professional, you will be receiving help from someone that likely has years of experience and can properly analyze your particular situation.

Paying off the highest interest rate first is a proven method that has received a lot of praise from financial experts and advisors. If you have the commitment and motivation to do it, paying off your highest interest rate first can help you reduce the time that you need to pay your balance, as well as the total amount of money you will pay. Use our tips to get started today, and begin removing yourself from the bondage of debt.