Paying the Irs in Full to Stop a Bank Levy

When you are experiencing a bank levy, things can be really stressful for you. Not having access to your funds in your bank account can cause things to be really bad for you, and you might not even have money to pay your monthly bills. This can really mess up your credit score and make it difficult for you to get loans in the future. As such, you're going to want to try your best to get out of this situation as soon as possible.

If you really want to stop a bank levy from doing so much damage to you now and in the future, then you need to deal with it right away and hire professional bank levy help. One of your best options for doing so is making a payment to the IRS in full. Once you do this, then the IRS is going to immediately stop the levy and release your bank account. This can help you get back on track with your payments and give you the freedom to spend your funds as you wish to spend them.

How to Get the Funds

Most people are not going to have the funds to pay the IRS in full at once. As such, it's going to take a little work for you to get the funds together to make the payment, but it will really be worth it to have control of your funds again. One thing that you can do to get the money together to pay off the IRS is to ask for some money from your friends and family members. This is often a really good idea if you know that you can pay them back rather quickly and that they won't charge you interest.

Another thing that you might want to do to get up the money to pay off the IRS is to sell some of your valuable things. While you might not want to part with some of these things, it's going to be in your best interest to get the IRS bank levy off of your account and be able to use your money once more. It's a good idea to try and sell high value items that will go quickly. If you have a second car or some expensive jewelry that you can sell, then it may be a good idea to do this.

One other thing that you might want to do to get to pay off the IRS is to remortgage your home. If you have some equity built up into your home, then you may be able to get a second mortgage on your home and use these funds to pay off the IRS. The only trouble with this type of action is that it might end up taking too long to process. You will want to stop your bank levy right away, and waiting for a mortgage to go through on your home could take ages.

Contacting the IRS

If you are interested in paying the IRS in full to stop a bank levy, then you need to contact the IRS as soon as possible to talk about your options. Sometimes, you may be able to negotiate a smaller payment that will completely relieve your debt. If this is a possibility for your, then you will certainly want to take advantage of it as best as you can. Contact them immediately once you learn about the levy to see what your options are going to be to stop it right away.