Team Building Exercises at Work

There are many team building exercises that you can introduce to your workplace in order to help employees work together. Most team building exercises are very simple and cheap to play. Whether you handle debt as a qualified debt collector or are employed at a retail distribution center, these exercises are very fun and your employees will enjoy participating in these games. But, more importantly team building exercises at work can help employees to make a bond far beyond the workplace. Many employees see their coworkers as simply coworkers and nothing more. But the right team building exercises can create great bonds between employees and help them to recognize each other as teammates, companions, and even friends. If you can establish these bonds in the workplace you are likely to have a much more productive and happy work environment. Most of these exercises are simply games. Some games may even seem trivial and childish, but they can produce great, unexpected results.

The Helium Rod

The helium rod exercise is common game used to build trust, problem solving, and communication skills within your workplace. The game is very simple, fast, cheap, and effective. First you must have a light rod or even plastic pipe that is over twelve feet long. Make two rows of people facing each other. The rows can only be as long as the rod is. The longer the rows, the more difficult but rewarding the exercise will be. Each player must put both hands out with their fingers laying flat. The rod is laid atop the row of fingers. Every player on both sides of the rod must be touching and supporting the rod at all times.

The object of the exercise is to lower the rod all the way to the floor. This task is not quite as simple as it seems because if any players' fingers are not toughing the rod, even for a second, the team must raise the rod back up to the starting position. There are many surprising things that almost always seem to happen during this exercise. First, the rod seems to almost always raise at first, hence the name helium rod. Do not tell the participants that this normally happens before the game starts. Once the rod rises, they will finally understand why the game is called helium rod. This will have a very positive and humorous effect on the mood of the game.

Getting the rod to touch the ground without any players moving their fingers is more difficult than your or any of the participants will expect. It will require much teamwork and communication to get the rod to the ground. The necessary coordination between players teaches your employees valuable lessons about communication and teamwork. Once the team accomplishes the task and completes the exercise, it is a good idea to allow the team to try the task again without speaking. The task of lowering the rod without any verbal communication can be very difficult but it is possible and it will teach the team important lessons about significance of verbalization in the workplace.

When the game ends it is important to have the teams sit down and discuss the results of the exercise. This will help them all realize several things. First, they will understand the point of the game when they realize how much coordination and teamwork is necessary. Second, they will be able to realize how hard it would be to complete the exercise without communication. There are many great team building exercises at work that can have great results. Your employees will welcome the break from their normal work schedule.