Tips For Organizing Your Office

There are many ways to make your office space organized. Whether you are an experienced debt collector or a professional insurance broker, if you have an organized office you will be able to be more effective, efficient, and productive at your workplace. Clutter around your work desk can slow down your productivity and distract your from tasks. If you are under-performing, and you have a very messy and unorganized workplace, then your job performance may be lagging. Also, if you have a dirty work environment, you should be reluctant to let customers or coworkers into your office. Whether you are a professional representative of a company, or if you are self employed, you should keep a tidy workplace that you can be proud of.

Cleaning The Clutter

The first step you should take when organizing your office space is to get rid of everything that you do not need. This may included simply throwing away old and outdated documents. If you have stacks of paper in your office and separate each piece into two piles. In the first pile put stuff that you can simply throw away, recycle, or shred. In the second pile you should place all the files that you still need. If you are not sure if you are going to need a file the chance are that you will still be perfectly fine if you throw it away.

Once your piles are organized you should immediately dispose of the trash pile. Before you try to organize your pile of good papers you need to reduce the clutter and space taken up by your discard pile. When you only have one stack in front of you, it is time to start organizing it. You should have simple file cabinets in your office. Organize the tabs in your cabinet alphabetically. Do not try and organize them by category because you will most likely forget and spend a lot of time trying to find files in the long run. If you keep credit card statements then each separate card should have its own tab. If you keep receipts you may need to subdivide them by category. Receipts can pile up quickly an when it comes time to actually find one receipt it may be like trying to find a needle in a hay stack.

There are many papers that you may need to access on a daily basis. You should keep these papers on your desktop. Simple desktop organizers can do wonders in keeping your office clean. For, instance, if you need to refer to a product pricing sheet on a daily basis you should not store it in a cabinet. If you keep it on your desktop, you will surely be more productive. Files that you only need to refer to for occasional reference should be kept out of the way, in a filing cabinet.

There are many tips for organizing your office that you will find very useful to your situation. Modern technology can be very helpful in keeping you office clean and efficient. For instance, you can sign up for paperless credit card statements and make all of your bill payments online. This is a great way to reduce the amount of paperwork that you will have to sort through. It is also a quicker, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly way to pay your bills. You can also download organizers, day planners, and efficiency programs on your computer or smart phone to be much more productive. Investing in many of these technologies will enable you to keep a much cleaner office and allow you to be much more productive at your job.