Using Cash to Curb Spending

Using cash to curb spending is a really good idea because you have a much clearer image of how much you are using. It's so easy to lose count when you're using plastic because it doesn't seem like that much money. When you make purchases for small amounts like $5 or $7 at a time during lunch to help manage stress at work, it doesn't add up very quickly, or so it seems. However, if you had to break an actual $20 bill every time you spent $7, then you would see how much is leaving your pocket actually.

Blowing through $40 on items that aren't necessary using cash opens your eyes to see what kind of junk you could have left on the shelf. However, if you have budgeted $60 for the day using plastic, and you end up blowing 2/3 of it on crazy stuff at the beginning of the day, that amount can quickly increased because you're using a card. It's also a mental thing when you're using cash because it's an item leaving your hand in exchange for another one. You have more time to review whether the purchase is really worth it or not.

Limiting What Funds You Carry

Another way that cash helps to spend less is that you can limit what funds you take with you. If you leave the house with $60 cash and nothing else, then you are forcing yourself to make that amount work all day. There is no way to overspend what you have budgeted for the fun day trip because you don't have a card or any other access to your account with you. This is a great way to put the brakes on unnecessary spending just because you can only spend what you have. You might also be more motivated to spend less because it will be nice to come home and still have some cash in your pocket. Sometimes, these methods can make you feel better and encourage you to shop like that in the future. The high that these shoppers get is not only good for saving, but it's good for future purchases as well.

Using Store Bargains to Save

For ways to make that cash go even further, you might become an expert at finding dollar deals. These are bargains that stores offer to bring in customers but sometimes you can save quite a bit. If you're buying clothes, you may be able to combine a coupon offer along with one of these sales. If you're buying food, then you can combine a distributor coupon with one directly from the store. All of these are completely feasible in terms of making the most of whatever cash you have in hand. Keep in mind that brand name is not always a requirement and you can end up saving a lot just by using a similar product.

Using cash to curb spending is not a new method, but there are certainly more methods to improve that efficiency. When more customers are looking for ways to stretch their budgets, some people make it their life business to find bargains and then share them with others. If they can advertise for particular companies and make a small commission on the deals they share, then everyone benefits. Planning shopping trips like this also helps to only use your cash on what you went to the store to purchase. By taking away the opportunity to buy any incidentals you may notice on your way, then you're automatically keeping more money in your pocket than you would have otherwise.